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Why do you need a real estate consultant?

In today’s era where there are a lot of property portals offering properties as per your need, do you think you really need a real estate broker or real estate consultant to help you materialize the deal? Well, the answer to the question depends on an individual’s capacity.

Who is a real estate consultant?

A real estate consultant generally advises clients on buying or selling properties. They play a significant role in representing the discerning buyer giving relevant real estate solutions during the process of buying or selling a property, from the early stages through the closing date.

Do you actually need a real estate consultant?

We have been in this industry for more than 10 years and we have assisted countless clients right from the start to the closure of the deal. Basis our experience we are listing down the duties of a real estate consultant:

1. Market knowledge: your broker/consultant is supposed to have full knowledge about the real estate market. He/She should be fully aware of the trends in property rates, hot selling sectors, and upcoming proposed plans by the government. He should be able to advise you right about your property decision

2. Professional negotiation skills: your broker knows very well about the market rate and he will be able to guide you better. He can negotiate better with the seller or can bring a good deal for you from the builder

3. Hassle-free work: Don’t think buying a property is like making a ‘click’, it is a tedious process that involves a lot of to-fro of conversations, data, etc. A broker can become your single point of contact in the process and make your work hassle-free. You need not spend your working hours running to the builder’s office.

3. Assistance: just in case you are out of the country and couldn’t do paperwork here, your broker can help in this case too. He is there to assist you throughout the deal.

4. Post sales assistance: Don’t think work is over once the sale is done. There are a lot of formalities that come after that. A broker can help you in bringing your payment receipts from the builder’s office. Can help you in coordinating with the lawyer for smoother paperwork.

5. Property Management: If you are outside and want to rent or lease your property then your agent can also help you in this. Some Real estate agent also manages the property of the client at a nominal fee.

We hope above mentioned points must have brought clear picture to your mind of having a real estate consultant in property transaction. We, SRK Realtors, a Noida based real estate consultant have been providing consultancy, property management and NRI services to our client for more than 10 years. You can connect with use to know more!

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